Electric power will bring a new audience to Motorsport

The government announcement that ‘by 2040 all vehicles shall be electric’ and petrol and diesel cars will be banned, has prompted many question how this may effect motorsport. Industry expert and Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) CEO Chris Aylett shared his views on this hot topic.

“Ever since this announcement some question whether this will be the end of motorsport, but I simply don’t believe this will prove to be the case. The announcement didn’t clarify that petrol or diesel simply can’t be the ‘sole’ source of propulsion from 2040, so Hybrid vehicles, with internal combustion engines, will be fine.

Over the next 20 years, we will see some fascinating developments in hybrid technology. Some powertrains will involve electric power, some hydrogen and some even new power sources – it will be a memorable period of disruption and innovation.  We’ll see increasing performance from electric power units thanks to smaller, lighter batteries alongside increasing energy efficiency in the internal combustion engine.

These cutting-edge energy-efficient solutions will attract a new, young audience who will be entertained and excited by the transport of tomorrow. We’ll see new racing series emerging for this new audience to enjoy in a different way than today.

I’m confident we will be enjoying similar, and also different, forms of motorsport up to 2040 and far beyond, which is good news for the industry and fans too”

New racing series

We already have Formula E, now in it’s 4th season, bringing a new audience to motor racing.  With new technology and less noise Formula E has encouraged a younger audience to get involved.  Additionally Jaguar launched the i-Pace trophy at the last October’s Frankfurt Motorshow.  The single model race series sees the new all-electric SUV racing on the same weekend as the Formula E event, add the autonomous Roborace and you have a festival of new technology.

Check out the sounds of Formula E



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