At last… a Nissan LEAF NISMO

Electric cars are not often portrayed as being sporty.  Yet with instant torque from an electric motor and a low centre of gravity they really are. The smile inducing acceleration never gets boring… and a Tesla with “ludicrous” mode really the king of the drag race – there are plenty of YouTube videos to prove it.

To change this perception, in steps a new Nissan LEAF that’s been tinkered with by their in-house motorsports and tuning division NISMO.

Launched in September, the new Nissan LEAF is now on sale in the U.K. and comes with the latest technology to enable single-lane autonomous driving and the new e-pedal for single pedal motoring.

Lowered suspension and red flashes create a menacing look

The NISMO Concept version of the new LEAF has a sporty new exterior designed by NISMO. Changes to the car’s body result in enhanced aerodynamic performance and less lift, without sacrificing the LEAF’s excellent drag coefficient.

The black interior features NISMO’s signature red accents, creating an high-performance feel.

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On the road, the LEAF NISMO Concept is aided by a sport-tuned suspension and high-performance tyres, not to mention a custom-tuned computer that delivers instant acceleration at all speeds.

Enlarged wheels will effect your range, but it’s all about the look in the NISMO

The LEAF NISMO Concept combines the environmentally friendly character of an electric car with the exciting driving experience that’s always been a hallmark of the NISMO brand.

Aerodynamic aides at the rear

The concept will debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motorshow, opening it’s doors on 27th October.

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