Innovative new service lets you offer the use of your home electric car charge point – for a fee

Chargie is the world’s first dedicated and bookable peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging service, which will enable EV drivers to access the domestic, wall-mounted charge points of other EV owners signed-up to the service.

Set up in a similar manner to Airbnb’s web-based hospitality services, Chargie lets drivers wanting to charge their car finds a domestic, exterior-wall-mounted charge point on their website and sends a booking request to the homeowner. The homeowner can then review the profile of the person making the booking before accepting or declining it. Once the booking is accepted, the user pays via Chargie and the system contacts both parties to confirm details.

A similar facility already exists within the PlugShare website and application, where members can ‘share’ their home charger for those in need.

Plugshare residential sharing
Plugshare website enables sight of available residential charge points

Ahead of its official launch to EV users on 16 May 2017, Chargie is currently seeking charge point owners to register with the service. A charge typically costs the homeowner around £2.00 to £4.00 depending on their tariff, though they can specify their own per charge fee when they register, specifying the times when the unit would be available to use. Chargie adds a small service fee, which is halved if the person has already put their own charge point on the network.

Chargie founders Jan Stannard and husband Jeremy Coulter came up with the concept after realising there was wasn’t a public charging point anywhere near their chosen UK holiday destination.

Jan Stannard commented:

“We believe that many owners who have a professionally-fitted charging units on the exterior of their homes will be happy to let fellow EV drivers plug in when the unit isn’t being used, provided they can recoup the cost. Chargie will rely on the goodwill and kindness of fellow EV owners towards each other, and we think there is exactly that spirit out there.”

Would you consider using such a service?  Would you allow others use a charge point at your home?

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