VW I.D. Buzz to make its European debut at the Geneva Motorshow

The I.D. Buzz electric car from Volkswagen celebrates its European premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show (9 to 19th March).

The concept MPV is the second model in the I.D. range and provides a look ahead to VW‘s future – it shows in particular that the modular electric drive platform (MEB), shared with Buzz and the smaller I.D. is well suited to larger vehicles as well: with the 90kWh battery pack and drive system housed within the floor opening the interior space for the driver and passengers.

The Geneva International Motor Show is already the third outing for the I.D. Buzz. Following its world premiere at the start of January in Detroit came an encounter with the T1 for a photo-shoot in Miami, Florida.

I.D. Buzz has encounter with the T1 forefather in Miami
Even though there are seven decades between Volkswagen’s oldest and newest MPV, the I.D. Buzz undoubtedly has its predecessor’s genes: maximum utilisation of space on the footprint of a medium-size passenger car with multi-variable seating and interactive connectivity.

VW describe the I.D. Buzz as the beginning of  “The new era of electric mobility” with Dr. Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Volkswagen previously commenting:

” The I.D. BUZZ stands for the new Volkswagen: modern, positive, emotional, future-orientated. By 2025, we want to sell one million electric cars per year, making e-mobility the new trademark of Volkswagen. The new e-Golf already offers 50 percent more electric range. From 2020 onwards we will then launch our I.D. family, a new generation of fully electric, fully connected cars. It will be affordable for millions, not just to millionaires.”

A design icon

Many other ‘microbus’ concepts have come and gone over the years, namely the Bulli and most recently the BUDD-e, but with the new ID-Buzz the German giant have created a modern day Campervan with a nostalgic, warm fuzzy feeling fitted as standard.

VW I.D. concept along side the Buzz ‘van

Yes, it could be an autonomous vehicle ‘out of the box’, but in reality a VW Campervan is vehicle you want to seen driving….. With more than passing resemblance to the Type 1 camper, with two-tone paint and the sweeping Vee shape upfront evoking everything we know and love about the 1950s icon, however this one will slightly quicker off the mark.

Steering wheel retracts when autonomous mode is activated
The concept is equipped with the a zero emission all-wheel drive system with output power of 275 kW / 374 PS (electric motors front and rear each delivering 150 kW).  The version of the I.D. Buzz presented in Detroit reaches 60mph in 5 seconds; its top speed is restricted to 100mph.

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