Tesla promises extra UK Supercharging sites

James Cooke, Tesla Model S electric car  driver and YouTube vlogger attended the Tesla Clubhouse event at the Service Centre in Milton Keynes, where the guest speaker was Georg Ell, Director of Tesla Western Europe.

Tesla Service Centre Milton Keynes
Tesla Service Centre Milton Keynes – Photo credit: James Cooke


Unfortunately James, who films his daily life for his YouTube channel, was unable to film the event, but was kind enough to give us his highlights, specifically around the expansion of the Tesla Supercharging network.

Supercharging expansion

Tesla specific electric car charging has grown substantially since the arrival of the brand in 2014 in the UK. Following the growth in sales additional Superchargers are now needed to enable drivers to make seamless long-distance travel. The network expansion includes the upgrading of locations with just two points, known as ‘stalls’ and the addition of 4 to 6 new locations.

As part of the Californian brands expansion, Tesla is to soon open a store and service centre in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, where Mr Ell promised the Supercharger network would arrive soon.

All these upgrades come in addition to the latest car software update where the availability of charging stalls is highlighted on the cars Navigation screen. This change gives the driver increased confidence to continue the journey onwards to a location where charge points are free.

The Tesla approach is in stark contrast to the rest of the UK electric car charging infrastructure, which is set for a shake up by proposed regulation to improve the life of the EV driver and those looking to switch.

Charging to charge

Tesla recently introduced a fee for use of the previously inclusive Supercharging Network. A charge of 20pence per kW has been well received as it aims to guarantee the availability of chargers for those who need them and discourages hogging by drivers who have Supercharger locally.

As part of the fee to charge is a fine for overstaying for more than 5 minutes once the charge has finished – called an “idle fee”.   A charge of 30p is applied per minute when the charging site is over 50% capacity.

Supercharging fees apply to Model S and X ordered after January 15, 2017.

400 kWh (approximately 1,000 miles) of Supercharger credits are awarded annually with fees applicable once the credit are used.

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