Mercedes makes its CASE for electric cars

After a strong year of sales, of over 2.1 million cars, up 10%, the Mercedes brand looks the future of motoring after establishing the EQ brand at the 2016 Paris Motorshow.

In the coming years, the cars division will focus its product portfolio even more closely on future needs. The acronym CASE stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services and Electric: These four future-oriented strategic areas will define the mobility of the future.

The main challenge consists of intelligently linking up those four areas. The division is actively tackling this challenge by promoting the related activities through an independent unit.

Generation EQ SUV Concept with 500km of range

The Concept EQ study that had its world premiere in Paris last year provides a clear outlook on a completely new generation of vehicles from Mercedes‑Benz. It shows the possibilities that will be offered for customers by closely linking up the CASE areas.

The study is also the starting signal for the new EQ brand, which will bring together all the key elements for customer-oriented electric mobility. In line with the intelligent linking up of the CASE areas, the new brand covers a broad spectrum: It ranges from electric vehicles to wall boxes, charging services, home energy storage and sustainable recycling solutions.

By 2025, Daimler plans to launch more than ten purely electric cars – in all segments – from the smart to the large SUVs.

The new electric smart, available as of spring 2017 not only as a fortwo, but for the first time also as a forfour, is a key element of the electric offensive.

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