Brave to buy a 100% electric car says Mike Rutherford of Autoexpress

The Chief columnist of Autoexpress Magazine was interviewed on Sky News earlier today, giving his thoughts on the electric car.

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Here are his arguments dismissed – The top 5 electric car myths busted

Here are the key points:

When asked by the interviewer in reference to Ecotricity’s fees to charge

You are not a fan of electric are you, what of this move?”

I am a fan of the technology, but I am not a fan of the real world experience.

The problem is they just do not go far enough, if you climb into a conventional car, petrol or diesel car and it will go hundreds of miles……

With an electric car you might get 50, 60, 70 miles range from it, there has been a reference to this phenomenon called range anxiety.

It is not anxiety, it is sheer terror when you are driving down a motorway and you are not sure if you have enough energy, enough juice in the tank, to get to your exit on the motorway, that is the problem with electric cars.

We have an additional problem in that they are very expensive to buy in the first place, even with the government subsidy and I am not sure the government should be subsiding fairly wealthy motorists who can afford, 20, 30, 40 thousand for an electric car anyway.

The other problem is the supply chain.  The supply of the electricity that goes into the vehicles, the supply is very intermittent, sometimes you get to the charging stations and they don’t work, sometimes they are very dirty – not pleasant places to be –
sometimes it takes hours, it usually takes hours to fully charge your car or recharge it.

Now we have got the added problem that the rules have been changed again. People have bought electric cars in good faith thinking they are getting access to some of these free charging points and they are no longer going to be free, there is going to be a £5 access charge or whatever… this does not bode well for the electric car.

In fact my prediction is, probably in decades to come when you and I are happily retired sitting on a beach somewhere, there will be an admittance from the motor industry that the electric car per-say was a failure……….

The man in street is who is looking at his or her motoring costs is, quite rightly not going to invest in one of these things because they are too expensive in the first place, their batteries cost an awful lot of money to replace when they wear out and die and worst of all this phenomenon called range anxiety, which I prefer to call range terror

Companies like Nissan can say we are a pioneering company and all the rest of it, they have backed the wrong horse.  The companies that have done the right thing are those who have held back and said all-electric cars are not the answer.

You would be a very, very, very brave consumer to go out and buy a 100% electric car.

If Sky News would like to hear the other side of the story, then we are free anytime.

In the meantime here are The top 5 electric car myths busted

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10 thoughts on “Brave to buy a 100% electric car says Mike Rutherford of Autoexpress

  1. The guy is a dinosaur and knows nothing about EV’s. My LEAF has 100 to 120 miles of real world range. I charge it up once per week or so because most of my driving is local. I rapid charge once for 30 mins to drive from Bristol To North Wales which is about when I’d like to take a comfort break anyway. Electric cars are much nicer to drive, really smooth and zippy and much more relaxing. When I get in a petrol or diesel car now if feels so agricultural. I charge my car 90% of the time at home which is convenient and most certainly not dirty or smelly. My electricity supply is pretty reliable too. My car costs under 2p per mile to run and even at a Nissan dealer it only costs £99 for a service as there’s no oil to change, no oil filter, not air filter, no spark plugs/glow plugs, fuel filter etc…etc… Brake pads also last much longer as the electric motors slow the car down to generate electricity instead of using the brake pads. In fact, it’s nice to see the battery charge go up when going down a long hill as the motors generate electricity and pump ii back into the battery pack. My battery pack has an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty. That’s how much confidence that Nissan have in the technology now. I can’t wait for the 200 mile range cars to come out in the next 18 months. Finally, I like to go camping with my daughter and it’s nice to charge my car overnight on the camp electrics while I’m sleeping so that car is ready for the next day. How convenient and cost effective is that!

    Range Anxiety/Terror My foot. The guy needs to see a psychologist if he gets terror attacks from driving an electric car. After all, the car will tell you how many miles are left and where the nearest charge point is.

  2. for some drivers the above is correct. Anyine driving out of the normal range of the car on a daily basis may not get as much out of one.
    If however your like us and the majority of the time drive 30 to 40 miles at most… then it is simply as easy and a cheap as it gets. had our zoe 12 months done nearly 11000 miles of worry free motoring. it’s on a pcp with £79 deposit and monthly payments totally £150… first service just done at £58….so hardly expensive….. had a few trips up the motorway to Rochdale 150 miles away…So wake up a bit and move with the times a bit…..

    1. I’d say that for no drivers the above is correct! As I tend to bang on to anyone who doesn’t run away fast enough, all that is required is a tiny bit of planning for longer journeys. My daily ‘commute’ fluctuated in the last three months from 50 to 150 miles. 10 minutes on a Rapid at an appropriate point and the car comfortably made it home. The EVSE was also an option, I can almost always get a plug, so 7 hours more than made the required gain. It not what is possible, it is education and awareness of the masses. (There are other things to resolve, that V2X will be part of. )

  3. Who is this man, first of all ask a man who has drove a EV for 4 years. I have no trouble at all in going 300 miles in my Nisan Leaf. 80% charge in 30 minutes. Charging points on every motorway in the UK. EV are getting better and better and the rage goes beyond 300 miles when you look at the Tesla. This man does not k ow what he is talking about. Ask those out there who are experience and have had a EV for years.

  4. Don’t know what you talking about mate. Got my leaf the same price as a fairly new second hand car and had no problems with it for two months.

    I drive to work and back home. Go out and do jurneys that would have been compleatly unnessary in my dedel vehicle because of the cost. Ecotricity free charging helped costs a lot untill they finally made me put my hands in my pocket for those couple of quid to charge at home, but all in all, when I brought my vehicle outright its been plain sailing.

    Those who all ways stick a fiver or tenner of fuel ever day would love this car…….

  5. I’ve driven 6,000 EV miles since mid April 2016, including trips as far south as Cheltenham and as far north as Caithness. Most days I just charge up overnight at home: but when I do venture further there is a superb network of rapid chargers across the UK – every thirty miles or so – that just happen to coincide with my need for a toilet break or a cup of tea. After more than three years of EV driving, I reckon you should listen to the experts, not the part-time pundits, and as for range terror, FFS, get a life! I have never run out of electricity, the only time I needed roadside help was with a flat tire, and so what, exactly?

  6. Who is this so called ‘expert’ who has clearly never driven an electric car? Just done 18000 miles in my Leaf that I bought on pcp in September. £200 a month over two years when I will definitely go back and buy another. We use the rapid chargers on the motorways to do 250+ miles in a day.

  7. Mike Rutherford is a fool who gets paid & lunches out on motor manufacturers gravy train & has done for years! He clearly knows nothing about electric cars and doesn’t want to lose his free holidays paid for by Mercedes etc. The very manufacturers who are rushing to get electric cars to market before they lose all their customers to Tesla.
    I can’t wait for Mike Rutherford to have to eat his words after the whole market changes to electric cars over the next 10 years.
    My last car was a Range Rover V8 petrol, so I’m not an eco bunny. Two months ago I test drove a Leaf, it’s quieter than the Range Rover, which used to cost me £300 per week in petrol. It’s got more gadgets (Tekna model) and it’s never broken down over the 5,000 miles it’s done. The Range Rover cost me £38000 to own over 5 years, the Leaf will pay for itself in petrol savings alone, not to mention the 4 times the Range Rover ended up on the back of a trailer.
    I’ll never go back to driving a car with an internal combustion engine. I don’t miss any of the problems I had with them and it’s a great feeling never having to stand at a petrol pump watching my money go to the tax man.

  8. If they catch on and if they eventually outnumber normal engine cars, the government will put extra taxes on charging and road tax. They need MONEY and cars are a convenient cash point. No car is cheap..

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