Tesla’s Elon Musk confirms he currently is NOT an alien……

Yes, you read the headline right.  Mr Musk, the superhero mastermind behind Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Paypal is actually, currently a human.

If you don’t already follow Elon Musk via the social media platform Twitter I highly recommend you consider it.

Doing so you get to delve into the mind of a work-a-holic who may have had too many cups of coffee when he finds time to tweet.

Expect to find lots of messages relating to his current business endeavours which often include insight into Tesla car software updates or even details of new models.

When not being a one man PR Department, Elon will open a window into his mind and show the world what things interest the billionaire, such as space travel and quantum mechanics.

I often wonder how he finds the time, sleeping at the factory overseeing production.  If he could find the time to tweet me back once, just once will suffice….. I would be happily go along with his suggestion that he is not in-fact an alien!

Follow Elon here

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