Nissan boss says – “Electric cars have the answer to the challenge of the day” 

Following the recent ‘dieselgate’ emissions scandal, the Chief Executive of Volkwagen, Herbert Diess, took to the stage at the Tokyo Motorshow to declare the business would ensure “something like this would never happen again”.

He went onto say the German carmaker would “come up with good technical solutions for the effected Diesel engines” and stated they would “uncover and disclose what happened”.

Rupert Wingfield Hayes for BBC Asia Business Report spoke with Nissan Renault Alliance Chief Executive – Carlos Ghosn about the emissions scandal and his thoughts on future of diesel.

Carlos Ghosn – Chief Executive – Nissan Renault

“Diesel cars are not finished, diesel cars are going to go to through a tough time……until people get back the confidence in diesel, it is going to be a difficult time” said Ghosn.

When asked did Nissan feel ‘vindicated’ developing electric cars he responded proudly.

“Frankly we have been (working) on the electric from the beginning, an electric car has everything to answer to the challenge of the day.”

“No emissions, so there is nothing to test and frankly, we will look at the results of COP21 where emissions are going to get much stricter and I don’t see how you are going to be able to answer to this request without a massive response with electric cars”

When quizzed about his thoughts on hydrogen cars he said “we have a prototype, but it’s too early” suggesting the infrastructure lacked maturity.

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