How to use The Electric Highway 

Charging away from home can at first seem little daunting.

In the UK drivers are served by nearly 10,000 publicly available charge points, some free to use and others taking a fee for connecting or bill you for the time taken or amount of power drawn.

Charging at your destination, either a town centre, hotel or shopping area are likely to be the most convenient methods of keeping on the move.

In the UK the ones you are most likely to use during a longer journey are sited at most Motorway Service Stations.  Provided by Ecotricity, this is known as the Electric Highway.  For the last 5 years, this network has been free and accessed via a swipe card.  During Summer 2016 the network was updated to use a smartphone app and a fee was introduced.

Watch EV fanatic, Robert Llewellyn, explain the Electric Highway and charging etiquette.

And here’s a short video on how to utilise the new smartphone app to start your charge.