Eco company Myenergi secures £1.2 Million investment

After the product launch in September 2016 of their now famous ‘zappi’ Electric Vehicle charger and smart power diverter ‘eddi’, Myenergi have just secured £1.2 Million investment to aid expansion.

Myenergi have had a successful first year releasing 3 products to market and featuring an episode on the popular FullyCharged YouTube series starring and presented by Red Dwarf’s Robert Llewelyn. Placing them as a major player in the ever expanding EV and renewable energy market.

The investment from Sir Terry Leahy, the former CEO of Tesco and Bill Currie the founder of the William Currie Group will allow Lincolnshire based startup to increase production capacity in response to the high demand.  The small team of 7 has already almost doubled in size within the last month and are looking to recruit more staff.

Myenergi manufacture the eco-smart zappi, the smartest EV charger on the market, a product that is OLEV approved, meaning new Electric Vehicle owners in the UK can receive a £500 grant back from the government.

The innovative Zappi electric car charger
The innovative Zappi electric car charger

The product has a long list of features one of the most popular being load-balancing. This feature reduces power to the car when a large load is turned on in the house i.e. an electric shower, washing machine or kettle, zappi can also charge from economy rate tariffs. zappi boasts features for homeowners with micro-generation i.e. solar panels or a wind turbine.

Dynamically shifting surplus/spare energy from the solar panels to an electric vehicle essentially giving the EV owner the possibility of a free charge from their solar or wind generation.

Additionally Myenergi also manufacture smart home products that give the homeowner control of their generation and energy within the home.

Their ‘eddi’ product diverts surplus power from the homes solar panels to an immersion heater, storage heater, or underfloor heating for example.

The team have a long road map of products to release and show no signs of slowing down with their minds set on going global.

MyEnergi team
Some of the MyEnergi team

Founder Lee Sutton commented:

“Our ethos at myenergi is to develop affordable, easy install solutions to help maximise the benefit of solar panels and wind turbines. As an owner of solar panels, myself and a lengthy career in electronic engineering, I thought why not develop solutions that will improve my return on investment and make the absolute most of my system. Our products do just that. Eddi and zappi reduce the payback period making having solar panels installed on your home even more attractive. This is a big passion of the myenergi team as a collective.”

The British manufacturer has worked hard with limited funds to release their innovative product. This significant boast, at just the right time for the industry will see exciting times ahead.

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