Money saved driving an electric car could pay for Christmas…

Running a 100% electric car rather than a comparable diesel model could save you enough money each year to cover the average family’s Christmas expenditure, according to figures released by Go Ultra Low.

A new vehicle comparison tool demonstrates how much money drivers could save by switching to a pure electric car. Go Ultra Low, a UK Government and motor industry backed marketing campaign found that 100% electric cars can provide savings of around £600 per year on fuel and tax bills.Electric vehicle experience centre Milton keynesWhen combining this with just four trips into the London Congestion zone, which are currently free for an EV, sees total annual saving exceed the £645 average cost of Christmas.

Over three years, driving a 100% electric car owners could save an average of over £1,400 in fuel costs alone, compared to a similar diesel car when travelling the average annual mileage of 7,800. Additionally drivers could save more than £400 in road tax over the same period compared to an average petrol or diesel car.

The tools show that 100% electric cars cost, on average, 3p per mile to driver, compared to 9p for a comparable diesel vehicle.

Poppy Welch, Head of Go Ultra Low, said:

“Many drivers of 100% electric cars will have aleady covered the cost of Christmas this year, thanks to the lower operating costs of their cars. 100% electric and plug-in cars are fast becoming a serious consideration for an increasing number of motorists, with more than already over 125,000 on our roads.

Adding to the fuel and tax savings, a pure EV often benefits from lower maintenance costs due to having fewer moving parts and less demand for consumables. Meanwhile, Government grants provide up to £4,500 off the price of eligible 100% electric cars, £2,500 off the price of eligible plug-in hybrid cars, and up to £8,000 off the price of a new electric van.

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