Electric car charging project to help manage capacity

For electric vehicles to continue with their increasing rates of predicted uptake, the challenge of local electricity network capacity at peak times needs to be overcome. To aid this, the OpenLV Project is an initiative that opens up data from local substations.

Currently, electricity network operators don’t have enough information about how much spare capacity there is on local electricity networks. This makes it difficult to know whether a cluster of EVs charging at peak times will have an effect.

The OpenLV project will, for the first time, open up data from local substations, so that Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), and third parties such as businesses and academia, will have more information about whethernetworks can cope with rising EV numbers.

EV Charging

If the data highlights a potential capacity issue, then other initiatives could be implemented – such as smart charging, vehicle to grid technology, energy storage, or joining networks together – in preference to more costly and disruptive infrastructure reinforcement works.

The OpenLV project, led by project partners Western Power Distribution and EA Technology, is inviting the submission of ideas for how data from local electricity networks could be used to develop new apps – to help manage the charging of increasing numbers of EVs, as well as for other uses. At a time when the automotive and energy sectors are increasingly collaborating, the car industry and EV charging companies are invited to get involved in the OpenLV project.

Mark Dale, Innovation Manager, Western Power Distribution, comments:

“The OpenLV project is making local electricity network data ‘open access’ for the first ever time. This presents a great opportunity for smart thinking and innovation. We’re inviting people, ranging from community groups to industry stakeholders, to come up with novel ideas for apps that can make use of this data.”

Organisations or individuals with ideas for apps that could be developed as part of the OpenLV project should complete the following survey to register their interest at: www.openlv.net/about/the-project/for-business-and-academia

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