Electric car charging to roll out to petrol stations

Are petrol station forecourts soon to become the go to place to charge your electric car? Seems it little back-to-front doesn’t it.

The UK’s 2nd largest independent petrol station operator, Motor Fuel Group have partnered with EV Charging provider, ChargePoint to roll-out forecourt based electric vehicle charging across their 413 sites.

ChargeGenie at a petrol station

Each site will host 50kW rapid chargers. These petrol stations operate under the BP, Shell, Texaco, JET and Murco fuel brands. The new chargers will accessed via the GeniePoint Network.

Jeremy Clarke, MFG’s chief operating officer, commented:

“We are delighted to be extending our fuel offer to customers. The growth of the electric and hybrid vehicle market is an important part of the fuel mix going forward.  MFG is determined to be at the forefront of this technology, satisfying this growing demand.”

This partnership comes hot on the heels of Shell introducing charging on their forecourts under the name “Shell Recharge”. Yes, you heard that right, Shell Oil providing electric car charging, who’d thought it!

Shell Recharge electric car charger
Shell Recharge – Photo credit Dave Davies


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