Electric Concept, the Aspark Owl made heads turn in Frankfurt

“The flash of lightning precedes the sound of thunder”

My new favourite electric supercar concept has to be the phenomenal beast that is the Owl, creation of the elusive Japanese company Aspark. I say elusive mainly because I have never heard of them before now.

I came face to face with the Owl during its debut at the Frankfurt Motor show last week and I have to admit, I was taken in by its predator-like beauty.

Dual 40kW motors AWD will deliver 430hp to the lightweight 850kg supercar. The total height is only 990mm and the body is made of carbon fibre.

The Owl will allegedly be capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 2 seconds, making it the world’s fastest electric supercar. Top speed will be around 280km/h. Wow.

In their stormy promotional video, Aspark claim that they have developed a “completely new current control technology.”

It perches on its rotating platform in Frankfurt with strobe lighting illuminating its silver body and white interior, fitted with a pair of bucket seats. It’s an incredibly expressive design, with one friend on twitter commenting that he has never seen a car look more alive and sentient. I have to agree.

I went up to the desk to ask the question we all want to know the answer to and apparently for 3.5 million euros, I can actually own one in 2019.

Post originally published to bethlilyrace.com

Beth Lily

An Electric Vehicle Ambassador and Motorsports Operations Specialist living and working across Europe.Beth drives a BMW i3.