Epic Mongol Rally completed in an Electric car for the first time

Scots couple Chris and Julie Ramsey of Aberdeen are the first entrant to complete the gruelling Mongol Rally in an electric car.

Plugin Adventures reach the Mongol Rally finish line
Chris and Panda (Julie) reach the finish line

It’s not possible!

Many would have you believe an electric car is only capable of running you to the shops before it runs out of ‘juice’.

Some others would say EV drivers break out in sweat due to terrifying ‘range anxiety’ the moment they roll off their driveway.

These ideas of old are slowly being eroding away, yet are still used as arguments for claims to why electric cars don’t work.

To prove once and for that an electric car does work and will work for vast majority of drivers, adventurer Chris Ramsey and his wife Julie (A.K.A. Plug-in Adventures hit the road to take on the infamous Mongol Rally. A 8,000 mile journey that they completed today.

The couple set off from their home in Aberdeen, Scotland 52 days ago and crossed the finish line in Ule-Ude in Russia after navigating 13 counties in their almost completely standard Nissan LEAF 30kwh.

A small number of key modifications have been made to better equip the car once it reached the more remote parts of the route. With Speedline SL2 Marmora wheels and Maxsport RB3 narrow tyres, for better performance on rougher roads.

Additionally welded plates to the underside of the wishbones, braided brake lines, mudflaps and a 6mm aluminium sump guard have been added as further protect the EV from rough terrain.

Posting on Facebook today, Chris commented:

“It has been an incredible epic life changing journey with experiences and memories we will never forget.

We have also met so many kind and caring people along our way and we cannot thank you all enough for all the wonderful hospitality you gave us and without you this trip would not be possible.

We have also had our doubters from day one which included industry experts, so we hope our achievement goes some way to demonstrating to everyone just how capable EVs (electric vehicles) are for everyday commuting needs.

Electric cars are not the future, they are the present and the sooner people realise there is an EV to suit their needs, we can speed up the reduction of harmful emissions being pumped into our atmosphere”

The trip

The Mongol Rally describes itself as the greatest motoring adventure on the planet. There’s no backup, no support and not even a set route. Just you, your car and your fellow adventurists. The organisers of the event are keen to point out the risks involved, requiring entrants to agree to 11 pages of terms and conditions, with an addition rally moto of If nothing goes wrong, everything has gone wrong.

Watch the excited couple arrive at the finish line.


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