Wildlife Park adopts electric car to help educate school children about climate change

Not only is the thriving Yorkshire Wildlife Park the home of a Polar Bear called Nissan, it is also where you will find a Nissan LEAF electric car used to visit local schools as part of Project Polar, an educational outreach programme encouraging action against climate change.

Based on the outskirts of Doncaster, the Park welcomes thousands of visitors to walk amongst wallabies and lemar, plus view from a safer distance leopards, lions, tigers and rhino on the ‘African Plains’.

The Nissan LEAF Acenta + is joined on site by an all-electric e-NV200 van, used to silently deliver stock to the numerous cafes and ice-creams stands across the 260-acre park.

Yorkshire wildlife park Nissan Leaf
Photo credit: Evans Halshaw
Both vehicles are truly zero emissions as are they charged up via an extensive solar array positioned on top of the children’s play area.  A Biomass Boiler is also employed to further boost the parks eco credentials.

Matt Zaremba of Yorkshire Wildlife Park commented:

“The LEAF is used predominantly for education outreach for Project Polar. which incorporates learning about climate change and how we can live more sustainably.

Something as simple as turning down your thermostat down to 18 degrees can make a big difference”

The two eco vehicles have been provided as part of a sponsorship deal with local Nissan dealership –  Evans Halshaw, they have been decorated with striking graphics of some of the park’s most famous animals including Victor the Polar Bear and Drake the Amur Leopard.

Additionally, the Park has taken delivery of a rugged Four Wheel Navara Pick-up truck, and also bought a Navara itself.

The electric LEAF tours local schools while the Navaras will be used by the Rangers on site and on the road.

“The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is such a great local attraction and we’re happy to be supporting it, especially since we hear a polar bear named Nissan was moving in,”

said Andrew Lane, dealer principal at Evans Halshaw Nissan Doncaster.


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