On-street electric car charging made easy by Ubitricity

One common barrier to switching to an electric car is your ability to charge it.  Ideally, you would have a driveway or garage to park up overnight and plug-in.  In many town and cities this isn’t a luxury available to all and is often sited as flaw with electric cars.

Street scene
On-street parking is commonplace through the UK

If you park on the street outside your home, the simple and very commonplace lamp post will soon become a ubiquitous charge point for electric cars.  They charge at about 5 kW, or 16 amps, not super fast but overnight charging is all most drivers need.  Ubitricity is a German based company who’ve come up with a simple, cheap to install and well managed system to enable more people on more streets to adopt electric cars.

Renault ZOE charging Ubitricity
Renault ZOE enjoys a charge from a lamppost

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It is worth noting that I know of drivers who have neither a driveway, garage or on-street parking to charge their car. They are reliant on the growing public charging network in car parks or charge at work and have driven tens of thousands of miles doing so.

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