Tesla Model Y teased

The Model Y, a smaller SUV is to be released in 2019 by the electric car pioneer Tesla.  The new car was teased at the shareholder meeting held at Computer History Museum in Mountain View in California.

This single teaser shot of the new electric passenger car sat along side the soon to be revealed Tesla Semi, a heavy duty lorry to be shown in July 2017.

Tesla Model Y
Model Y

Elon Musk, Head of Tesla spoke of the development plans for new car and how they had changed.  Originally destined to sit on the Model 3 platform, Musk admitted mistakes had made with their larger SUV, the Model X.  As a result the Y will have an entirely new platform.

Musk stated he expected the new Model Y would be even more popular than the Model 3, therefore plans are in place to ensure production is more efficient and more profitable.  Musk described they were working towards a new way of building a car, with greater automation with the removal of a cars traditional 12v battery and reduced wiring contributing to this.

The teaser photo gives little away, just showing a continuation of the sleek aerodynamic lines of a Tesla.  Notably without wing mirrors possibly suggesting a possible further attempt to gain government conscent to replace the drag inducing mirrors with cameras, something Tesla previously tried with the Model X, and Faraday Future aims to achieve with the FF 91.

At the shareholder event, Musk encouraged attendees to also visit the unveiling of the Tesla Semi, alluding there would be more than just a truck to show, could we see more Model 3 details – this event coincides with launch of the Model 3 online design studio.

Will you be placing a deposit on the Tesla Model Y?

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