Watch the new electric King of the ‘Ring break the lap record

Last week, the NIO car company, an off shoot of the NEXTEV Formula E team, laid claim to the Nurburgring crown.  NIO stated the the all electric EP9 Hypercar achieved a lap time of 6 minutes 45.900 seconds, beating the record held by the lightweight Radical SR8LM by 3 seconds.

Today, the video evidence is available for all to see.  Enjoy the sounds of 1-MegaWatt of power delivered by four high-performance inboard motors and four individual gearboxes.


The EP9 and has a top speed of 194mph, reaching 124mph in 7.1 seconds and is available to buy for $1.48 million.  If you want one, you will have to be quick, as production is limited to just ten cars.

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