NIO EP9 electric car breaks Nürburgring lap record

Today, the NIO EP9, the all electric hypercar, set a new lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, achieving a lap time of 6 minutes 45.900 seconds, beating the record held by the lightweight Radical SR8LM.

Last month, NIO announced that it plans to produce a second batch of ten EP9s, and each one will be made to order, priced at $1.48 million.

The EP9 beats the lap record at the ‘ring

“In October 2016, we aimed to set a new lap record for an electric vehicle with our NIO EP9. In the inclement weather that the Nürburgring Nordschleife is known for, the EP9 completed two laps of the 20.8 km (12.9m) ‘Green Hell’, one of which was in 7m 05.12s, beating the previous EV lap record, making it the fastest electric car in the world. The EP9’s new lap record is 19.22 seconds faster than its previous lap time. This is a fabulous achievement for NIO and I am very proud of the team that has worked tirelessly to achieve this accolade.”

said Gerry Hughes, Head of Performance Program & FE Team Principal at NIO.

The electric car is packed with 1-MegaWatt of power, equivalent to 1342 bhp extracted from four high-performance inboard motors and four individual gearboxes.  The EP9 and has a top speed of 194mph and is capable of reaching 124mph in 7.1 seconds. Previously, the hypercar has broken or set new track records at four world-renowned racetracks, including becoming the world’s fastest autonomous car.

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The EP9 unveiled at launch event in November 2016

Last month, NIO unveiled the NIO ES8, a full size 7-seater all electric SUV that it will launch for the China market later this year.

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