Electric cars are just for commuting aren’t they? This Dutchman disagrees… Netherlands to Australia in an EV

Weibe Wakker is a Dutch explorer who aims to totally dispel the myth that an electric car can only be used for daily commute.  The 30 year old is driving from The Netherlands to Australia is his custom-made plug-in Volkswagen Golf estate.

Weibe Wakker

Range anxiety is a notion invented by car manufacturers to maintain their love affair with fossil fuels.  The idea that an electric car is only useful for short journeys is disproven on a daily basis by millions of drivers.

Weibe met up with FullyCharged editor Mark Hankins – A.K.A @inksharkman in Dubai to learn about his adventure so far.  Setting of the 15th March 2016, the journey has taken Weibe through Europe, Russia, Iran and he can currently be found in India.

If you are wondering where our usual FullyCharged host Robert Llewelyn is, he was busy promoting his other show, Red Dwarf, in Australia (tough job…)

Follow the journey here.

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