An electric Porsche 911

So you really enjoy the instant torque of an electric car, but not even the looks of a Tesla can make you buy.  Then the answer you are looking for is a classic car conversion.

YouTube vlogger James Cooke, a Tesla driver himself visits conversion specialists Electric Classic Cars of Mid Wales to check out their latest vehicle, a Porsche 911.

Based on a 1979 911 Targa, the restored Porsche now carries 54kwh of batteries taken from a Tesla Roadster offering upto 200miles of range.  Couple this to an electric motor, which is almost indentical in size to the petrol engine it replaces and you have a potent combination.

In keeping with the Electric Classic Cars ethos, the 911 has been brought upto a 21st  century specification with LED headlights, updated brakes and power steering.

Enjoy the following video, try not to get too envious…


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