How to find an electric car charge point using Apple Maps

Finding electric car charge point in the UK just got easier.

Apple Maps, found on your iPhone now includes electric car charge points., a smartphone-enabled, mobile webapp, is now integrated into the software allowing EV drivers to conveniently use CarPlay and Siri to find an electric car charger.

Already available in several countries including: Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, and Switzerland.  The tools have now arrived in  Great Britain.

Tapping the EV Charger badge in Apple Maps will open up a placecard with more information about the EV charging station, along with a link to

In you can find details about plugs, power and usage status, plus an availability prognosis.

Arne Meusel, CEO & co-founder of CIRRANTiC, the company behind

“By integrating with Apple Maps, we are pleased to seamlessly enable EV drivers to find and choose chargers on the road with confidence.  Our service is based on the mobility platform FUSiON. It provides quality live data, actuality, and functionality jointly with operators, mobility providers and more partners. Our overall goal is to speed up the adoption of zero emission, electric mobility.”

How to use it.

The simpliest way is via the Siri voice recognition tool.

For example:

1. Just ask Siri to “Find EV Charge points”

2. Siri will return the list of available points.

Apple EV Charge Points

3. Siri will then suggest the closest Charge Point…

Apple Maps EV Charging

And offer to direct you there…

You can also ask for specific charge points, for example a Tesla Supercharger, just ask Siri….

“Find nearest Tesla Supercharger” and the directions will be offered.

Apple Maps <a href=Tesla Supercharger” width=”750″ height=”1104″>

Find chargers without Siri

Within Apple Maps it is possible to search for all manner of things, using a postcode or description of the place or business.

You can now do the same for charge points. Just enter the phrase “EV chargers” in the “Search for a place or address” box.

Go ahead and try it, share it and let us know what you think.

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