Tesla Model S 75 now £9,880 cheaper and with more standard kit

Only reintroduced one year ago, the Model S with a 60 kWh battery was the cheapest route into a Tesla electric car. Yesterday, the 60 battery version was deleted.  This left the Model S 75 as the new entry level at a significantly higher £73,380.  Now, in an unexpected twist, the 75 has dr0pped in price received to £63,500, now £3,380 cheaper than the lower range 60.

Not only is the 75 now cheaper, it now includes the glass roof option as standard, previously priced £1,500.  This is likely an effort to streamline their products and production.  The new Model 3, due for a finalised reveal in July, will have a glass roof as standard.  Tesla is currently making efforts to ensure the Model S is seen as their head-line car, therefore the inclusion of a glass roof is essential.  The panoramic sun-roof is still available for an additional £2,000.

Tesla 75
Glass roof now standard

All models now include the power tail-gate, something which was previously only available with the additional Premium pack, making them now better value and including a luxury item that should have always been standard.

These price changes are likely to irk those enticed to purchase the 60 model prior to it’s deletion – it is now upto Tesla to win them round, likely cancelling their order and switching to the better value revision.  However, should you have opted for the Smart Air Suspension, which utilises the GPS of your car to recognise the location of past adjustments to suspension height and automatically updates when you revisit specific locations, such as a steep driveway – this option is no longer available on entry car and requires a step-up to the 90D at £82,500.


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