Fullycharged reviews the Tesla Model X

Tesla Model S driver and electric car advocate Robert Llewellyn hosts the successful Youtube Channel FullyCharged.  Today he takes a spin in the Falcon-Doored Model X, ably assisted by fellow ‘Red Dwarf’ TV star Danny John-Jules, his wife, and their two children.

The Model X is the current flagship of the Tesla range that never fails to draw attention where ever it goes.  For many, the X is their dream electric car.  In the U.K. the premium SUV is priced from £80,400 increasing to £129,200 for the mind blowing P100D derivative, a car capable of sprinting to 60mph in just 2.9 seconds and carrying 7 passengers.

Here Robert test drives the 90D model, capable of 303miles on a single charge (using the NEDC calculations) with 6 seats and capable of 0-60mph in just 4.8seconds.  This car was also complete with a selection of sensors enabling the car to drive fully autonomously – when the AutoPilot 2 software is finalised.

Robert described the experience as follows:

It took driving 300 miles to fall in love with the Tesla Model X,

I was a bit sniffy at first but this is a genuinely amazing machine.
And you can turn off the auto front door systems.. which I learned when I handed the car back to Tesla.

This episode also features an interview with Pia Peterson of Evoke Limos, Australia’s first zero-emissions luxury chauffeur service.

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