Tesla driver set to be first to travel the UK coast in electric car

Electric car advocate Stuart McBain is on a drive around Britain covering 3000 miles without using single a drop of petrol (or diesel).  With the aim to bust myths about electric car ‘range anxiety’ and to prove how easy it can be, whilst also learning about and showcasing sustainable businesses and renewable energy sites along the route.

Stuart is a passionate believer in electric vehicles and sustainability and began his journey on March 17th in his own Tesla Model S 90D.  Setting out from Liverpool, heading north along the west coast on his clockwise tour of the UK, taking 23 days and returning on April 8th.

Reaching the most Northern point of the British Isles
Stuart commented:

“It’s more important than ever that we demonstrate opportunities to change behaviour that actually appeal to people and businesses that makes an impact on both local communities and climate change”. We could have chosen any electric car, but driving a Tesla definitely adds a ‘Wow’ factor to get people’s attention. Whilst we have that focus we can attempt to change perceptions by highlighting the benefits of reduced air pollution therefore improving localised health, and encouraging the uptake of renewable energy to charge the car wherever possible.”

With more than a fair share of recharging planned via domestic household 13 amp sockets, especially through much of Scotland, this journey will avoid the big brand accommodation to closely work with and support local hotels and B&Bs to demonstrate an affordable business opportunity where they could the first to offer charging to electric cars under what Stuart describes as a ‘Charging Charter’.

Stuart at the wheel of his Tesla Model S
This adventure is the first in a series of educational campaigns and challenges launched by Stuart’s latest business venture, Charging Around Britain.  The business aims to provide professional services and support to aid in the growth of sustainability in business.




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One thought on “Tesla driver set to be first to travel the UK coast in electric car

  1. 13 Amp charging, especially through much of Scotland?!? He obviously hasn’t done his homework very well. He’s driving a car that has a range of 300 miles and Scotland has enough charge points for me to drive my little 22kW Zoe around the same route!!
    Not really a “challenge” in a Tesla.

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