Fully Charged takes an autonomous journey in a Nissan LEAF electric car

Fully Charged, the sustainable motoring YouTube channel, takes a ride in a fully autonomous electric car on public roads in the UK.

The Nissan LEAF test vehicle has taken to the busy London roads over the last month showcasing the Japanese brand’s ProPolit technology.

Nissan LEAF ProPilot demonstrator vehicle

Here you see Robert Llewelyn enjoy a journey with Tetsuya Iijima, who is ‘not’ driving the car and has been showning this vehicle to numerous journalists prior to Robert’s arrival but still showed great enthusiasm for the technology.

The ProPilot technology consists of millimeter wave radar, laser scanners, cameras, high-speed computer. All of this helps allow the vehicle to operate in an autonomous manner on both highway and city/urban roads including runabouts once the destination points are entered into the navigation system.

Autonomous technology and electric vehicles form the back-bone of what Nissan describes as ‘Intelligent Mobility’, the project working towards a zero emissions, zero fatality future on the roads.

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