SEAT set to enter the electric car game

SEAT, the Spanish Part of the Volkswagen Group are set to step into the electric car arena with the launch of electric versions of the MII city car and the compact Leon, with additional models coming after 2020.

In an exclusive interview with Auto Express, Chairman Luca De Meo spoke of how he was using the electric version of the MII for his daily commute to the office in Martorell, Barcelona.  The eMII is based on the VW e-UP!, a car we have recently reviewed and frankly fell in love with.  Previewed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the eMII is likely to be the firms first electric car, expect an electric Leon too as this is based on the Golf which already offers an electric option in the e-Golf offering much greater range in the latest model.

SEAT has access to all the upcoming electric platforms the Volkswagen group has up its sleeve, with De Meo commenting, “We are part of the biggest R&D spender on the planet, and we will come with EVs on MEB in 2020.”  The MEB platform (Modularer Elektrobaukasten) is the basis of the stunning VW I.D. Buzz and is designed to vary in length depending on vehicle required.

The new VW I.D. Buzz meets its ancestor

Alejandro Mesonero, SEAT’s design director told Auto Express

“It’s modular and can easily change in length and it gives us more freedom to do something totally different on top – something that is pure SEAT. Because the platform is quite high due to the batteries, the car will have to be tall and that means making it thin due to the aerodynamics – we need to reduce the frontal area and make it efficient as every extra km of range helps. But it will have big wheels and we can do a very upright rear end and sloped windscreen – it doesn’t have to look like a teardrop. But it will be beautiful and very SEAT.”

SEAT has just launched the revised Ibiza model, sitting on the new MQB A0 platform, one which the new VW Polo and Skoda Fabia are set to sit.  De Meo also confirmed MQB A0 platform is EV ready and that, too, could spawn an electric version.  Can we expect an e-Polo and e-Fabia, lets hope so.


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