NewMotion offers to take on and replace Source East points free of charge

NewMotion, Europe’s largest provider of smart charging solutions for electric vehicles, has announced it will take on the existing Source East charging points and upgrade them – free of charge.

Following recent news that Source East, the UK’s last remaining independent Plugged in Places charge network (outside of London) is due to shut down at the end of March.

Recently Chargemaster offered to take on the charge points via its POLAR Network expanding their network further.  This move has initially raised concerns amougst EV drivers, due to its potential to create a monopoly whereby the majority of charge points will be owned and maintained by one business, thus controlling pricing.

NewMotion public charger
NewMotion public charger

NewMotion is offering to incorporate the existing chargers into its open network and replace the legacy charge points with state of the art smart chargers, free of charge. The company will also supplement this with rapid chargers in strategic locations.

With years of experience and a charge network of 40,000 charge points across Europe, NewMotion wants to pull the plug on the monopolisation trend in the UK charge market and create an open network that anyone can use, at any time, with any charge card.

Sander van der Veen, UK Country Manager, NewMotion, says,

“We know how to operate charge networks in a mutually beneficial manner and our aim is to launch the UK’s first interoperable network.

We believe EV drivers are best serviced by having seamless access to any EV charge network, regardless of the owner or operator. It is for this reason that we operate an open network policy, in which we offer competing network operators access to our charge points. Furthermore, NewMotion EV drivers that wish to use our network can do so without paying any monthly subscription fees unlike various other network providers.
We are aware that the current charging infrastructure in the region largely consists of legacy equipment and a mix of two or three charge point manufacturers. NewMotion is aiming to replace any legacy equipment and where possible integrate the remaining into our network. We can supplement this by offering Rapid Chargers on strategic locations.

All of this we will do free of charge, with no hidden costs. In return Source East would change from a legacy network into a state of the art charge network, part of Europe’s leading charge point operator and the first network in UK to be interoperable with other charge network, part of Europe’s leading charge point operator and the first network in UK to be interoperable with other charge network operators.”

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