BMW i3 – full video review

Launched in 2014, the BMW i3 was designed as to be an electric car from the ground up.

Utilising a cutting edge Carbon Fibre Re-enforced Plastic shell shrouded in thermo plastic body panels to create the polarising yet distinctive looks the compact i3 is blessed with.

BMW i3 in Protonic Blue
BMW i3 in Protonic Blue

This advanced approach is designed the reduce the overall weight of the car, allowing for a smaller battery, staggering acceleration and excellent handling.

I am a of course a little bias towards the little BMW as I have one as my daily driver.  Our model is the original car equipped with a 22kwh battery pack.  This year BMW introduced the larger 33kwh battery, greatly extending the available driving range.

The Carbon Fibre shell is so strong a B Pillar is not needed

Here, we offer a detailed video review of the pure electric BMW i3 from Autogefuhl:

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