New Nissan LEAF to debut in September – on sale end of 2017

The best selling Nissan LEAF electric car has been with us since 2010, having sold 250,000 cars worldwide. Now Nissan have officially announced the much anticipated all-new car will be unveiled in September and will be available to order before the end of the year.

During the last seven years the LEAF received tweaks to the motor to improve efficiency and in 2015 an expansion of battery pack from 24kwh to 30kwh taking the real world driving range to 110miles.  The new model is expected to deliver over 200miles of range from a 60kwh battery.

The current LEAF’s looks divide opinion

With looks that have often divided opinion, Nissan is set to address this in the new model and make the LEAF look more conventional.  Spy shots of the new car out testing show much smaller head and tail-lights and looks closer matching those of the new Micra, which was based on the stunning Sway concept car.

The announcement of the September debut, likely to be at the Frankfurt IAA Motorshow, was made through the official Twitter account of Nissan USA – where in a separate tweet current LEAF lease holders were offered an extension to their lease until the new car became available.

With competition getting stiff, especially in the USA where deals on the Chevrolet Bolt are very attractive, Nissan needs to keep LEAF drivers loyal to the brand.  An short extension to their lease should enable dealers to shift many cars quickly, explaining their unconventional methods.

Nissan is currently undertaking trials of the its autonomous technology, known as ProPilot, on the busy streets of London,  following successful tests in Japan and America.  The new LEAF is set to arrive with technology enabling autonomous drive functionality for single-lane highway driving as standard as the brand aims to improve road safety, lower emissions and tackle congestion as part of its “Intelligent Mobility” programme.

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