First rider to benefit from ‘Plug-in’ Motorcycle grant takes to the road

‪The first electric motorcycle to be bought with the new UK Government backed ‘plug in’ motorcycle grant takes to the road with owner Fred Murphy in the saddle.‬

The grant was introduced by the Government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to increase the uptake of electric vehicles.  The price of an eligible motorcycle is reduced by £1500 or 20% of the total purchase cost, whichever is the smaller amount with the dealership handling the process with no forms to fill out, or paperwork for customers to complete.

Zero FXS electric motorcycle
Fred takes delivery of his new Zero FXS electric motorcycle

Mr Murphy bought a Zero FXS, which has an average range of 60 miles, a top speed of 85mph and costs the equivalent of a penny a mile to power. It can be charged using a household three pin plug, with faster charge options, which can reduce full charging time to 2 hours.

Up to now the ‘plug in’ grant has only been available for electric cars and vans, but it can now be applied to electric motorcycles and scooters, so long as they meet certain following criteria:

  • Range of at least 30km for mopeds.
  • Range of 50km for motorcycles between charges, both with top speed of at least 40 kilometres per hour.
  • The vehicle must include a battery with 5 years’ warranty.

Customer Fred Murphy, who has owned and ridden motorcycles for more than 25 years, has traded in a petrol bike for his electric one, Fred commented:

“As an ‘electronics geek’ and an early adopter, I have always been interested in electric bikes and tried my first zero back in 2012, so when the ‘plug in’ grant finally came in, this was enough to justify my jump to electric.”

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