Easier access to Ecotricity’s Electric car charging points thanks to WIFI upgrade

The UK electric car driver benefits from access to Rapid Charging points at pretty much all Motorway Service sites.  Run by Ecotricity under the “Electric Highway” banner.  The network has been free to use for 5 years.

Last Summer the business introduced a fee to charge – £6 for 30minutes of electricity. This move caused resentment in the EV community as not all cars charge-up at the same speed – meaning some getting better value for money than others.

Ecotricity RFID Card
Ecotricity RFID Card – now only useable on slow chargers

Payment for your charge is made via a ‘Smartphone’ app making the previously slick RFID card sadly redundant.  This too caused much indignation as not all drivers have a ‘Smartphone’ and if they do, the app relies a ‘phone signal to complete your payment transaction.

WIFI enabled

To overcome the predictable lack of ‘phone signal at certain locations, Ecotricity have installed a WIFI hotspot to each Rapid Charger to enable you to start your charge, announcing this upgrade via their official Twitter account.

Follow the simple instructions below and let us know if it works……


I have tested this and it works well.  However the password quoted below should be entered in lowercase…..

Password = ecotricity



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