The Tesla 100D, upto 393miles of electric joy

Tesla Motors, soon to be simply known as Tesla Inc, recently introduced the 100D versions of Model S and X. The number relating to the size of the battery pack in kilowatt hours and the D to indicate the dual motors that provide all-wheel drive performance.

With an NEDC calculated range of 393 and 351 miles respectively, the two models redefine the longest range electric vehicles available.

Externally there is very little to indicate the long range potential.  A Model S or X looks pretty much like any other with all the options available across the range.

The only model with any distinctive features is the performance edition – the ludicrous P100D. At £129,400 it’s a quite a leap from the Model S 100D which comes in at £87,500.

For the extra £41,900 you can sprint to 60mph in just 2.5 seconds, versus a pedestrian 4.2 seconds in the ‘standard’ 100D.  In addition to the extra acceleration, drivers gain some snazzy red brake callipers and air suspension….. and the all important P badge, with the underscore to show the world you too can engage ludicrous mode.

This extra performance results in a tiny drop in range of just 12 miles.  That’s great you might say, I personally can think of better things to spend £42k on, perhaps some front LED fog lights, because believe or not, they are an optional extra…… Now that, IS ludicrous.

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3 thoughts on “The Tesla 100D, upto 393miles of electric joy

  1. 100D Model S : 335 miles of range (EPA).
    100D Model X: 295 miles of range (EPA).
    No TESLA can currently go 393 Miles EPA

    1. True, the figures relate the European NEDC range calculations which are used in the UK as does the pricing mentioned above. The EPA rating is much more real-world number….

  2. Front fog lights – the most pointless accessory on any car, possibly useful when driving in dark and thick fog, but not the visibility enhancer most people seem to think they are.

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