Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV updated – now with EV Priority Mode

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the UK’s best-selling Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Introduced in 2014 is has amassed sales of 26,600 at the end of 2016 and his become common site in the company car park due to the current UK tax benefits. The vehicle is derived from the third generation of the Mitsubishi Outlander was developed from the ground up to be driven by either an internal combustion engine or hybrid technology and as a result there are no compromises in terms of packaging, practicality.

Offering the best pure EV range of any of its competitors and has the lowest emissions of any all-wheel drive vehicle and is the only AWD vehicle to utilise electric power to drive both front and rear wheels for superior traction both on and off the road.

Extensively revised in 2016 with a more appealing new look with a heavy use of chrome on the front-end, the Outlander PHEV has again been tweaked to evolve the EV technology further. For 2017 model gains a new EV Priority Mode. The new silver coloured EV switch is located below the 4WD button, along side the new electronic parking brake with auto hold button function.  Once the EV Mode is activated, it allows the driver to operate the vehicle without the need to start the petrol engine driving the PHEV for upto 33 miles on pure electric, a increase of 1 mile from the previous generation (yes, 1 mile !). Regenerative braking, which works to put lost energy back into the battery when slowing down and which, in the Outlander, can adjusted while driving using the steering wheel paddles, has also been improved for 2017 model by 10%.

There are now three drive modes available.

EV Drive Mode is an all-electric function in which the front and rear motors drive the vehicle using only electricity from the drive battery. With zero on-road petrol consumption and zero CO2 emissions the driver can enjoy a quiet and very eco-friendly performance for up to 33 miles.
In Series Hybrid Mode the petrol engine operates as a generator supplying electricity to the electric motors. The system switches to this mode when the remaining charge in the battery falls below a predetermined level and when more power is required, such as accelerating to pass a vehicle or climbing a steep gradient.
The system switches to Parallel Hybrid Mode when the vehicle reaches high speeds. In this mode, the high-efficiency petrol engine provides most of the motive power, which is then assisted by the electric motors as required; such as when more powerful performance is needed to accelerate or climb a slope.

The revised Outlander PHEV is on sale now, priced from £ 34,749 (excluding Plug-in Car Grant of £2,500)


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