Next Nissan LEAF to offer autonomous tech

On stage at CES, Nissan Chief Carlos Ghosn, announced plans to launch a new Nissan LEAF, with ProPILOT technology, enabling autonomous drive functionality for single-lane highway driving. Carlos stated the new LEAF is “coming in the near future” and is described as the next chapter of Nissan Intelligent Power. Sadly, no tangible details have been revealed to ensure this does not effect sales of the current model.

The new LEAF, expected to be based on be much applauded IDS concept, will build on Nissan’s industry-leading position in electric vehicles.

Nissan IDS
Nissan IDS concept on show at the Geneva Motorshow 2016

In 2010, Nissan was the first carmaker to introduce an all-electric vehicle to the mass market. Today, the Nissan LEAF is the world’s best-selling EV with more than 250,000 units sold and more than 3 billion kilometers travelled, a distance to get to Saturn and back.

The new LEAF does not yet have a confirmed arrival date, though rumours suggest a reveal coming later this year with early 2018 for arrival into showrooms.  In line with the IDS concept, a much larger battery capacity of 60kwh is also expected.  The currrent model carries 30kwh, with business partners Renault recently bringing the 41kwh ZOE to market in a smaller vehicle.

To advance Nissan’s zero-emission mobility mission, Nissan is proactively focusing on vehicle electrification by exploring hybrid powertrains for different markets and customer needs. In addition to Nissan’s core EV technology, Nissan has a diverse range of EV-based technologies in its portfolio. These technologies include e-Power (series-hybrid) and e-bio fuel cell electric vehicles. The new Nissan Note, also available with e-POWER powertrain, launched in Japan in the fall of 2016, became the best-selling model in the market in November.

Semi-autonomous LEAF based mule shown at CES

Watch CEO Carlos to the road in an autonomous prototype Infinity Saloon and give his thoughts on the future.

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