Faraday Future keep teasing prior to CES reveal

As the teasing becomes more frequent, we are edging ever closer to something tangible from the electric newcomers – Faraday Future.

Their previous product reveal at CES 2016, the FFZERO1, wasn’t exactly well received.  A single seater electric racer that was clearly never destinated for production, it did however create a buzz around the brand.

Fast forward 6 months and FF join the FIA Formula E Championship partnering with Dragon Racing with an eye catching car livery and competitive package on the track.

At the start of 2017, January 3rd, 6pm PST to be precise, the previously shy Californian outfit will bring us what they promise is their first production car.  The name of which is as yet unknown.  FF have spent some time teasing us with short videos of what they have planned along with a silhouette of an elevated SUV styled vehicle.

A flash of the SUV captured from FF latest video
With more photos being released a slightly clearer picture of the styling is coming through.

With an highly effective use of the FF logo across the front and rear being the main highlights.  Add rear view cameras in place of side mirrors coupled with a full width blade of light and you have quite an eye catching machine.  What lies beneath remains to be seen…….

A blade of light runs the width of the car

Rear lighting carries the strong FF branding

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