Theo Ellis, the Toyota Mirai driver powered by Hydrogen

Theo Ellis, a driver for greentomatocars, has become the first man in the UK to drive 25,000 miles in a Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car.  During those miles Theo has become the coolest driver, driving the coolest car in London.

greentomatocars, London’s original green private hire company, was one of the first UK companies to take delivery of a zero emission Toyota Mirai. The car is a mid-size four-door saloon, powered by electricity generated by a hydrogen fuel cell, which emits only water from the exhaust.

Theo has spent the last year driving the Mirai around London, receiving positive reactions from his passengers. 

We have following with great interest his rise to fame via his twitter feed, @Theo_mirai, famous for sharing selfies of himself with his famous passengers including Jeremy Paxman, Andrew Marr, Pete Waterman, Jonathan Dimbleby, Aidan Turner, Sadiq Khan and Hollywood star Pamela Anderson.
Theo comments:

“The twitter account came about because myself and greentomatocars thought (Mirai) was a really cool car,….and so that everyone would get to know about it and to show that yes, it’s practical, it’s happening and it’s live.”

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