Zap Map adds live charge point data into EV route planner

Running a electric car requires some extra planning to ensure longer journeys can be dispatched with minimal fuss and stress.  Here enters Zap-Map, the go to chargepoint locator.

This platform has now become even better with the addition of live network data.  In a phased roll-out, Zap-Map is launching dynamic data first across Chargemaster’s POLAR network, with more networks to follow in early 2017.

The inclusion of dynamic network data will benefit Zap-Map users who will, for the first time, be able to access real-time information for charge points across multiple UK networks within one desktop application and mobile app.

Dynamic POLAR data is provided to Zap-Map through a data partnership with Chargemaster which sees the exchange of dynamic network data for Zap-Chat update information combined with marketing on the Zap-Map platform.

Both parties benefit from this data exchange as do their respective user-bases; Zap-Map users get to access live network availability and pricing information and Chargemaster gets live on-the-ground feedback and increased brand exposure to the Zap-Map user base.

With the successful launch of POLAR dynamic data achieved, Zap-Map is now finalising agreements with other UK networks, and will be launching other dynamic data feeds in early 2017 with data provided in similar data partnerships.

Launching the dynamic network data, Dr Ben Lane, Director at Zap-Map said:

“Achieving this level of data integration has required the close co-operation of network operators, and we are delighted to be rolling-out dynamic data for the key UK networks with POLAR being the first.

“The live network data complements Zap-Chat, our peer-to-peer comms channel which allows users to provide status updates and last-mile information. Taken together, the network and Zap-Chat updates give the best possible information to EV users on the move about charging point availability.”

The addition of dynamic network information maintains Zap-Map’s position as the UK’s number one EV charging platform, covering all charging networks and providing EV drivers with key charge point information in a single portal. Zap-Map attracts over 40,000 users per month from an EV fleet of around 90,000 vehicles and rising rapidly.

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