What is an electric cars “GOM”?

When purchasing a new car most drivers wouldn’t ask how many miles you can drive between fill-ups, yet when considering moving to an electric car that is the first question drivers ask.

Running on empty?

This is referred to as range.  In a traditionally fuelled car the amount of fuel available is displayed using a guage moving to left until you reach empty, when you just refill with more petrol or diesel at the nearest petrol station (paying heavily for privilege).  It is fair to say there are more petrol pumps than their are public charge points.
However, when was the last time you met someone who had a petrol pump at home?  An electric car driver has his or her own fuelling station at home in the form of the humble homehold electric plug.  Using this the car can be recharged overnight in hours, more than likely when you are recharging your batteries too.

The device to indicate how many miles you can cover before needing a recharge is known by drivers as a GOM.  An acronym for Guess-O-Meter.

77miles of remaining range in a BMW i3

The word ‘guess’ is somewhat unfair as range calculations are very accurate and are adjusted as your drive along to ensure you are always kept in the loop. Factors such as your driving style and use of heating and air-conditioning have an effect on the efficiency of any car regardless of the fuel used. Drive harder and you will use more petrol or diesel, the same is true in an electric car, the only difference is you see a number decrease rather than the fuel gauge moving to the left towards empty.

As you drive your EV you will often see the battery range go up as well as down depending on how you drive and the topography of your journey.  A drive up a hill to admire the view will cost you available miles, but will given back as you descend when the regenerative braking system returns the energy normally lost when slowing down or braking.

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