What does “I’ve been ICEd” mean ?

The world of electric cars is similar to any place packed with technology, full of confusing acronyms and new terminology  to become accustomed with.

Amougst the technology related names are those invented by users, in our case drivers.

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One phrase gaining traction relates to the anger experienced when arriving at a public charge point to find it occupied by a another car which IS NOT electric.  This is known as “being iced”.

The word ICE is an acryonym for Internal Combustion Engine, or in other words a regular petrol or diesel vehicle that doesn’t require electricity.

Most people park in an EV charging bay in error and in no way is it a deliberate act to scupper the electric motorist.  As more and more people embrace electric vehicles the more important available charge points are.

An electric car is reliant on two things.  An available charge point and access to that point when they need to refuel.

What should be done to ensure charge bays are kept available? Is it poor signage, lack of information or should drivers be fined if they mis-use a bay and discouraged that way.  Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

Ever wondered what a GOM is? 

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One thought on “What does “I’ve been ICEd” mean ?

  1. Penalties will “help”if cities can impose them. Otherwise, most EVCS parking areas have signs that allude to EV charging in some manner. Non EV drivers cannot all be incapable of reading? The majority of drivers don’t just park,and randomly leave their car at LAX,or JFK airports? Rude awakening if they do,towed.

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