The Volkswagen Group looks to the future with new EVs and Mobility services

The landscape of the motoring world is changing with less people choosing to own a car or even take a driving test.

Car manufacturers are realising the pool of potential buyers will be shrinking and must look to other ways of keeping their factory running.

The Volkswagen Group is tackling the challenges of the future with a drive towards electrification and increased connectivity.  As part of this the group, encompassing VW, Audi, Porsche and Skoda will develop and build more than 30 new additional electric vehicles by 2025.

The Volkswagen brand’s I.D. concept car with a range of up to 600 kilometers provides a first glimpse of this future at the Paris Motor Show as part of the #ThinkNew project.

Porsche is showcasing the Panamera E-Hybrid in Paris, the first of 17 new plug-in hybrids the Group will be introducing over the next two years.

Matthias Müller commented:

“The breakthrough for e-mobility cannot be achieved without substantial progress in batteries and infrastructure. So we are working hard on a rapid-charging project spearheaded by Porsche

Mobility services

The Group has also launched new initiatives in the field of mobility on demand: an independent business unit has now been established for the new mobility services business field, the Group’s 13th brand. In addition to ride hailing services in collaboration with the partner Gett, the team is already working on the Group’s own shuttle service offerings and sharing concepts for urban mobility.

Matthias Müller added:

“In future, many people will no longer own a car. But they can all be a Volkswagen customer in one way or another – because we will serve a much broader concept of mobility than is the case today.”

By 2025, the new brand aims to rank among the leading providers of urban mobility services and become the market leader in Europe. The official launch and the announcement of the new name are scheduled for this November.

The partnership with Gett also looks to be gathering momentum. In Moscow, where the market for ride hailing via app is booming, Volkswagen Group brands are now offering attractive vehicle packages to Gett drivers. In addition, Audi‘s new partnerships with the Chinese internet providers Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent will drive advances in networking the brand’s cars and in intelligent urban mobility solutions.

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