Rolec introduces pay-as-you-go Public Charging Network

The home and commercial charge point manufacture Rolec aims to turn the public EV charging market on its head with revolutionary new public facing EV charge point management system.

The ‘EV Charge Online’ system, accessed via a smartphone app, enables the EV driver to pull up, charge and pay for the amount of energy they use without the need for any form of monthly subscription, annual membership or connection fees, common with many other providers.

The necessary technology can be fitted to almost any existing Rolec Chargepoint, including domestic, commercial and public facing.  It can also be quickly and easily retro-fitted into existing public facing charging pedestals that have been manufactured and installed by other companies.

Managing Director of Rolec EV, Kieron Alsop, commented:

“EV Charge Online is not only beneficial for the EV driver, in so much as they only pay when they use the charge point, but also benefits the host. With EV Charge Online hosts will not have to pay any license fees and can have a charge point installed and operational quickly and easily, simply by providing an electricity supply.

EV Charge Online can be installed at any location throughout the UK, from a single charge point through to a multi charge point network, and provides the host with an instant revenue stream – payable directly into their bank account.

Along with intiating the charge of your car, The EV Charge Online application has  some rather useful features an electric car driver will certainly appreciate.

Rolec EV Charge Online
These include, a text message or email to the driver when their charging is nearing completion.  Along with a facility for a waiting EV driver to prompt the system to advise the current user that their charge is complete and to return to their vehicle.

Find out more about the scheme here.

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