Yorkshire company ready to Electrify the Camper Hire Industry

Not all camper vans are created equal. Many classic campers go through various ‘costume changes’ as different owners try to create the ideal vehicle. eDubTrips have gone one step further, converting the classic vehicles to all-electric to create, in their opinion, the perfect camper experience.

Where their used to be an engine, is now a motor. Where there used to be a petrol tank, are now batteries and where there used to be a choke, is an ‘eco’ switch.

The idea came about 3 years ago with a conversation between the two directors, mother and son team; Gilly and Kit Lacey.

They spoke simply about taking a classic 70’s camper and replacing the engine with an electric drivetrain. The conclusion to this initial discussion was something like; ‘How hard can it be?’.

Gilly Lacey has a PHD in Lithium Ion Battery Degradation and Vehicle to Grid Application so she has a pretty good idea of what creating a product like this takes!

Although the first few years were not as easy as they first thought, eDub Trips is now ready to change both the camper van hire market and the Electric Vehicle industry with their all-electric campers. Campsites and National Parks love the eDub because of it’s zero emissions. Plus, the more eDubs that are built, the lower the prices will become for all electric vehicles worldwide.

eDub Trips offer a conversion service for any vehicle to make them electric. They also offer classic VW camper vans to hire that simply run on batteries.

Here are just some of the stats for the world’s first eDub;

  • Twice the bHp of a traditional camper van
  • Zero emissions
  • Rapid acceleration with 0-30mph in 8 seconds
  • Riding and sleeping space for 4 adults

With the rumoured announcements of an electric camper van from VW themselves, fans of the original bus were eager to see these changes but responses to the BUDD-e concept van have been disappointing.

Is the eDub the revolution that camper fans worldwide have been waiting for?

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