Meet Roborace’s “DevBot”

The primary purpose of the DevBot is to allow teams to develop their software and experience the hardware that will be used on the “Robocar” used in the upcoming Roborace series.

Unlike the Robocar the DevBot has a cabin that can be driven by a human or a computer allowing teams to fully understand how the car thinks and feels on a racetrack alongside the comprehensive real-time data.

The DevBot is equipped with the same drivetrain, sensors, computation systems and communication technology as the Robocar designed by Daniel Simon which will be revealed later this year in 2016.

The Roborace team has been secretly testing the Roborace hardware and software on airfields and racetracks. Most recently the DevBot drove itself around the famous Silverstone International Circuit in England.

The DevBot is entirely custom made save for a standardised safety compliant racing cabin for human drivers.The team has achieved unparalleled results in Ai and Robotic car racing, in just under 9 months they have delivered a fully operational driverless, electric racing car capable of performing at the highest level.

The DevBot is being used to perform trials similar to those in the Roborace and will allow teams to experiment before a pre-qualifying process determined by Roborace which begins next month.

A large number of technology, motorsport, automotive, research laboratories and university teams have applied to take part via and will be given time to experience the car over the next 6 months before the Roborace begins in full.

The Roboraces will take place during the 2016/17 Formula E season on city tracks and exhibitions off calendar worldwide with demonstrations from the Roborace team to show the extraordinary capabilities of the car starting in 2016.

The DevBot will be shown to the public for the first time at the Formula E open practice sessions in Donnington August 24th.


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