Sion – A Solarcar for everyone.

The growing EV market still lacks a cost effective everyday car, available to all and useable on all journeys. Munich based start-up SONO MOTORS believe it has the answer in the Sion and through a crowd funding campaign they aim to make their goal – to end the use of fossil fuels – a reality.

The family-friendly 6 seat, five door Sion will have an expected range of 155miles for a target base price of €16,000 (£13,500), for this expect lots of technology centring around your smart phone and the looks of a Tesla Model X that has shrunk in the wash. Over the initial crowdfunding campaign, funds will be collected in order to reproduce the prototype for crash tests and trial runs.

Through a subsequent Presale in 2017, enough capital should be generated for the production of the Sion to be done in conjunction with existing car manufacturers and suppliers, depensing with the need to build their own costly production facilities.

A pure electric car with a battery capacity of 30kWh (matched by the latest Nissan LEAF) and fast charging capability sounds pretty standard.  However, the striking innovation is a unique self-charging system called viSono which charges the Sion by solar cells through the sun. With an area of 7.5 m2 enough electricity is generated, to last for an additional 18 free miles in one day. In short: a self-charging electric car.

The Sion can not only be charged with electricity, but can also provide electricity at any time. The Sion is mobile power storage unit. Using a household plug, it is possible for current consumption of all common electronic devices with up to 2,000 watts.


SONO have also innovated what is refers to as “reSono” aiming to guarantee low maintenance costs delivering a car that everyone can afford.

The royalty free disclosure of the workshop manuals and instruction videos will enable independent wirkshops all over the world to repair the Sion. This results in a very well developed service network from the very beginning, which guarantees you a cost-effective repair of the vehicle. The customer can simply go to the mechanic around the corner with their Sion.

The video below explains more and introduces the brains behind the operation: 


There are two variations of the Sion:

Extender 155mile range (30KWh battery)   target price:    €16,000 (£13,500)
Urban       75 mile range (14,4KWh battery) target price:   €12,000 (£10,150)

Planned delivery of the Sion will be 2018.

Photos credit: Sono Motors GmbH

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