Why I drive an electric car…..

As the founder of a dedicated electric car website it probably makes sense for me to drive an EV.  I do, and do so in ‘The Millennium Falcon’, my beloved white BMW i3, motoring around with my young Daughter as my side-kick, she too loves the Falcon.

The i3 is my first electric car and my first BMW, unless you count the MINI Cooper I had 8 years ago (that left the driveway when my Daughter arrived).  In between I have owned sensible hatchbacks using fossil fuels to propel them.  I have always been mindful of environmental issues and becoming a Father increased that.


It was a drive in the company pool car, a Nissan LEAF, that made me conclude electric cars are the future and just better than the alternatives.


During that first drive in the Nissan I was struck by the quiet, smooth performance of the car and the comfort that brings.  Externally the gawky looks of the LEAF are an acquired taste, however I have always been drawn to something a little different.

While power delivery is quiet and smooth, when required the performance of an electric motor, with instant torque and no gears, is simply thrilling and very much unexpected as you leave others behind you at the lights.  With the batteries positioned low in the car, handling in an EV is always surefooted and fun with zippy performance bringing a daily smile.

Stand-out and be proud

For now, being an EV driver makes you a member of a small club with just 1% of all vehicles on the road being electric with worldwide growth in sales rapidly increasing.  It is something akin to classic car ownership, there is a kinship with owners who wave, give you a knowing nod and happily share stories of their experiences.  Each individual’s reason for driving an EV can be quite different. Some want in their own small way to save the planet, some like saving money and others enjoy the driving experience.

One thing that is common is their strong love for their Zoe, Soul EV, Tesla or whatever car it maybe and they find it fits their lifestyle just perfectly.

According to UK Government surveys, 95% of all journeys are less than 10 miles,  so the range of an electric car is not a problem and charging at home or at the office couldn’t be easier. Longer journeys can be achieved by charging at a motorway service station or at your destination.  I find a longer journey becomes a adventure, taking us back to earlier days of motoring. With low running costs of just 2p at mile and simple cheap servicing there is little to not like about an EV today.

I would recommend anyone to consider an electric car. Take a test drive in one and you might be pleasantly surprised as all the myths are dispelled after a couple of miles.

So why the i3?

Drive like the wind……

Put simply – it is great car and takes me back to my Mini days.  I describe the BMW like an electric Mini Cooper with head-turning concept car looks, beautiful cabin, great poise and mind blowing acceleration.  I have driven many different electric cars and would only swap my current car for something from Tesla, a Model S or X, I am not fussy……..

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The Founder of driveEV. A driving and new technology fan enjoying learning all about the future of motoring. I drive a BMW i3.