Tesla launches the Gigafactory

Recently Elon Musk, the Head of Tesla announced the business’s tweaked mission, with new models on the horizon and an expected merger with Musk’s other business Solar City.

The Tesla mission is a lofty one:

“To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”

To achieve this we have to rethink our current usage of energy and how we generate it.

In the UK we rely on various sources of energy, namely gas, nuclear, wind, solar, hydro and now a tiny percentage of coal (sometimes thankfully zero coal).

Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are ideal, but we have to use it when it is available, storing the energy to use when we need it has traditionally been a tricky hurdle.

Here steps in the two-pronged attack from Tesla and Panasonic – the Gigafactory.

A red Tesla Model X at Gigafactory
Tesla Model X at arrives at the Gigafactory

A site to build batteries for vehicles and energy storage.  The site is vast and will only get bigger, brining the cost of making batteries down and Elon closer to completing his mission.

Watch the launch event video below to gain further insight into the factory and the Tesla mission – try to ignore the cheers and whooping from the Tesla fanboys…….


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