VIDEO: Tesla Model S P85D vs McLaren 650S

The Tesla Model S P85d is a seriously fast car. It has two electric motors, one for each axle, which between them produce some 682bhp. And, electric motors being electric motors, it makes its peak torque at zero revs per minute. So it accelerates like … well … like a supercar.

Or does it? Autocar Magazine put a supercar alongside it, to find out.

McLaren‘s 650S Spider has a ‘mere’ 641bhp, and is only rear-wheel drive. But it is lighter than the Tesla, and has launch control. So this could be a rather close call.


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One thought on “VIDEO: Tesla Model S P85D vs McLaren 650S

  1. Very good video but not only is the Tesla much heavy but the driver sorry but he looks approx 3 to 4 stone heavy…..
    So that’s all I am saying

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